Control Panels

At Praja Controls & Systems we are fully equipped to design, develop and built-up Control Panels for automation using your preferred electrical components or recommend some of the best components for your application.

Services at a glance


Panel designs are carried out using AutoCAD 2D to meet the individual customer standards and are CE compliant (as required by European companies). The circuits are developed and prepared using the AutoCAD or E-Plan as per customer preference.

Panel Build

All panels are built in-house to the highest of standards. We have a comprehensive facility to build panels in an efficient manner using the best and the latest tools & standards.


Panels built are powered-up before dispatch for testing & checking general parameters before dispatch.


We ae experienced and competent to work with PLC of Siemens, Mitsubishi, Rockwell, Omron & Wago and have executed various projects. Generally, all programs are developed in-house using their respective Programming & Development software and also have on our panels experts who assist us in writing and debugging the developed programmed at site.
Communication between PLC’s using Profibus, Melsecnet, Ethernet etc. etc. protocols are used along with HMI, SCADA, Field Devices, third party equipment, Remote access to ANDON system, Customer MIS (Master Information System), Alarms, Warnings vide SMS / Calls etc.
Communication between PLC using Vahle Data Transfer system such as Powercom, APOS (Accurate Positioning Systems), Bluetooth (Phoenix & Wago) have been used in specialized application requirement.

Installation & Commissioning

We undertake in-house installation of our panels along with placement of field devices and complete Power & Controls wiring to meet individual customer requirements and standards. Full-time interaction is maintained between your Project Manager along with updates to ensure compliance of all safety parameters regarding electrical installation within the plant.